A few days ago we went to Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) to have some days off from university. We travelled from KL to Lumut by bus where we took a ferry to reach Pangkor. The island itself is rather small yet interesting to explore on a motorbike and it takes you about 30-35 minutes to see the whole island. This video shows you some scenes of the island and is at the same time a vlog of our trip. Hope you like it guys! 🙂

I received some positive feedback on my blog post the other day, which included the before and after comparison of Viktoria’s portrait. Today, I will show you what the before and after of two pictures of Jasmin, look like. Jasmin is a German model who also joined the first meetup of Devious Culture in early August, which took place in Zurich, Switzerland.

The before and after of the portrait taken at Hardbrücke.

And this one was taken at Militärstrasse.

I’m still improving my editing skills, but I’m very happy to already see some improvements over the last few months. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or inputs regarding portrait editing.

I had my first lesson in Bahasa Melayu (Malay) last week and learned my first few words. Although the class was not about learning numbers I had a look at them and thought ‘meh that’s too easy, let’s do a challenge out of it’. So the challenge was to count from 1 to 10 in less than 10 seconds. Sounds easy, right? Well it wasn’t. But now at least I will not forget the numbers again 🙂

Unfortunately, my harddisk died during the edit of this video and took with it the entertaining part of the video where we were walking back through the rain to reach the exit of the park. I was able to recover scenes that were recorded with my camera but not the ones with my phone. Anyway, I hope you will still enjoy watching it!

We went to the Bird Park of Kuala Lumpur last weekend and as you will see in this video, we got REALLY wet. I say this specific word a lot in this video – but seriously guys, this rain was insane. The KL Bird Park itself (at least the first third of the park we were able to see) was nice. The rain started before could see it coming and didn’t stop for the next three hours. I got a new t-shirt, which is by the way one of the most random shirts I have probably purchased in my life. All in all I really enjoyed sharing that rainy experience with the girls, as walking barefoot back to the entrance and trying to make it safe back home became an unplanned excursion and adventure through the bird park.

Many photographers try to hide their before and afters of their work, while others share their knowledge on YouTube or their blogs. I personally believe that for a beginner, it is very helpful and of great importance to see what the actual picture someone shares either on Instagram or on the web looked like before the editing process. In this article I would like to share with you what steps I usually undertake to make my original pictures, such as the following portrait of Viktoria, become the pictures I finally share with you. I have shared the before and afters of my work quite often on my Instagram stories and thought I might now share with you an extended explanation behind my longer edits. Some of my work is entirely edited with Lightroom, while other pictures follow most of this article’s steps. Obviously every photographer edits their pictures differently and some people might prefer the one or other change stronger or softer and even use different techniques to achieve their goals. Freedom, yay!

The before and after of Viktoria’s portrait.

Step 1: Adjusting the light & removing the bad spots with Lightroom

I prefer to do this part on Lightroom although it could be also done in Photoshop. For the next edits, I change to the develop section of Lightroom and start moving the highlights, shadows as well as the blacks and whites until I am happy with the overall picture. Once I am satisfied with the lights, I move on to the spot removal tool. I zoom into the subject’s skin, I change the size of the tool to match the bad spot, such as a pimple or any mole I don’t like and finally click on that spot. Most of the time Lightroom will select a nearby spot to copy from and patch the bad spot. If not, you simply need to drag the copy spot to somewhere near the bad spot. This will allow you to match the colours and have a smooth transition. You have to be careful as some of the skin spots of your subject might be part of their personality. So let’s say removing a larger birthmark would mean the same than changing someone’s nose on Photoshop.

Here you see the how often I used the spot removal tool. It depends on you how much time you will spend on this.

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Whoop whoop 🙂 Today I’ll share with you some scenes from my excursion within Kuala Lumpur that was organised by the University of Malaya. We went to many scenic places including the Batu Caves, KLCC, the National Palace, the National Mosque, the Thean Hua temple, China town, Little india and more.

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My first two weeks in Malaysia have been great so far! I made already a few friends in Kuala Lumpur and signed the contract for my apartment over here. I am extremely happy with my new place! We got everything ready to feel comfy at home. Although I was sick for a few days when I arrived, I have now fully recovered and I’m ready to start Uni tomorrow. My two new roomies are Anne from Denmark and Liz from Mexico. Can’t wait to show you more over here!! 🙂

I had the great pleasure to attend a insta meetup with a lot of creative minds in Zurich right before I headed to Malaysia. Below are my four favourite pictures of Alina, a model I photographed during that day. She is originally from Ukraine and currently studies in Zurich. She partly grew up in the canton of Valais so we exchanged mostly in French – huh my French is getting rusty :). It brought back some good old memories as I remembered the time I used to live in Geneva. She doesn’t like fish, spinach nor mushrooms. But she’s into bikes. 😂😎 Follow her Instagram @smnenko to support her! She’s a good one 🙂

The day has finally arrived. I moved to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and survived the first day in Asia. Ha. Ha. I had some delicious Nasi Lemak Panas and learned my first 3 words in Bahasa: Hi (Hello), Terima Kasih (Thank You) and Bagus (Good). Oh and I tried to learn a longer phrase without success. For those who still don’t know why I moved to Kuala Lumpur: I will study my 3rd and 4th semester of my Bachelor’s degree at Universiti Malaya (Malaya University). More videos of Malaysia will follow soon.

New video is up on my youtube channel 🙂 I thought that before I leave Switzerland for a year I should a least make a final short video in Zurich. Enjoy watching and make sure to subscribe to follow my stories in Malaysia.

The video includes some timelapses of some touristic views from my city, Züri. The video starts off near Hardbrücke, just at club called Hive where I was shooting with some other guys during a Insta-meetup (@devious.culture). The tour in the video includes the locations Zürich Hardbrücke, Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Paradeplatz, Bellevue, Opernhaus (Opera), Zürich Stadelhofen, Fraumünster and the famous Bahnhofstrasse. If you paid attention you can spot me riding my penny board – I’m a pro now :p.