New video is up on my youtube channel 🙂 I thought that before I leave Switzerland for a year I should a least make a final short video in Zurich. Enjoy watching and make sure to subscribe to follow my stories in Malaysia.

The video includes some timelapses of some touristic views from my city, Züri. The video starts off near Hardbrücke, just at club called Hive where I was shooting with some other guys during a Insta-meetup (@devious.culture). The tour in the video includes the locations Zürich Hardbrücke, Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Paradeplatz, Bellevue, Opernhaus (Opera), Zürich Stadelhofen, Fraumünster and the famous Bahnhofstrasse. If you paid attention you can spot me riding my penny board – I’m a pro now :p.

Hola chicos y chicas! I worked on a few pictures for Sudio Sweden with Marina and here are my favourite pictures of that shooting. On some pictures Marina is wearing the Sudio Regent model in black (big headphones) and on some she’s wearing the Sudio Vasa Blå model (small in-ear headphones). We took the pictures at the Obertor in Winterthur, Switzerland. Although the weather was bad (it was actually raining) I got really happy with the results. By the way they introduce themselves as a headphone start-up who designs and sells sleek and stylish headphones with quality sound – I tested them myself and use the headphones until today. If you think they look lit af on Marina, you should check out their website, since they have other models out there that might appeal you better. If you are interested in buying some headphones in the online shop, feel free to use my personal discount code ‘richiehug15’ with 15% discount.

I had to get new headphones right at the time Sudio actually contacted me, as my TMA-2DJ from AIAIAI died a few weeks ago, which made my experience with their team even greater. 🙂 Thanks a lot to Frederik and the marketing team at Sudio for letting me test their headphones!

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From that very first time I saw a frozen image suddenly moving and thus realizing it actually was a gif/video and no simple static image at all, I knew it. I knew I wanted to do these fancy motions some day in the future. Cinemagraphs can be referred as ‘living’ photographs as they are – as you have just seen above – a mix of photos and videos. By freezing specific parts of the image you can give certain details a stronger emphasis. So by looking at the image below, you should now feel the ‘WOW’ effect going through your brain and you probably want to create one yourself, am I right? A cinemagraph can be done in Photoshop by putting a still image on the top layer of your workspace and leaving areas empty where you wish to leave a video playing in the background. OR you can use an app that will do the magic for you. Now let’s have a look at why this article includes the word Plotagraph and not Cinemagraph.

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I just finished working on the behind the scenes video I recorded during the shooting with Marina. The full gallery of that shooting is also available on my blog. The video shows the first set of pictures we shot before changing her outfit. The shooting took place at the Affenschlucht near Neftenbach in Winterthur. Enjoy seeing Richie full in action 😉 – Thank you Marina for being a great Model to work with!

Marina’s Instagram account: @marina_nechaeva
Music: FlicFlac feat. Beatrich – So High (YouTube)

DEFQON.1 2017 WAS SICK. Although I’m not a big fan of hardstyle or hardcore music, my friends convinced me to go to the Defqon.1 festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. I must say it’s not my personal music preference, but I will definitely listen to some songs from the festivals during my future workouts. We headed off to Amsterdam on Friday evening and left on Saturday to spend one last night in Amsterdam. So here you go with a video of the trip to Defqon.1 and to Amsterdam.

Marina is a talented Russian model, who just finished school and is currently working on her portfolio. We met yesterday in Winterthur to shoot and headed with an Uber to save time (as the weather was getting worse) to the Affenschlucht in Neftenbach, Switzerland. The location includes a small but beautiful oasis with a tiny waterfall. In some pictures you can spot the waterfall in the background. Most of the pictures were taken at f/2.5 using the fixed 85mm 1.2 lens.

She is originally from Stavropol in Russia and moved five years ago with her parents to Zurich. She has been doing rhythmic gymnastics professionally for more than 13 years and now started dancing hip-hop. She will also start soon her blog so make sure to follow her Instagram! Here’s Marina’s Instagram account: @marina_nechaeva

Here’s the link to the full gallery: Marina’s Shooting

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My exams at uni are finally over – YAY. So I found some time to work on pictures I took a few weeks ago of Girls on Bikes, Miisses_black & Blackforestrider. This is the second time I shoot with these guys and I must say, it was fun!

The shooting took place near the Hönggerberg (next to the restaurant ‘Die Waid’) and at the Parkhaus Pfingstweid, both located in Zurich Switzerland. Make sure to follow their Instagram accounts if you are interested in motorcycles!

Instagram Accounts of Girls on Bikes, Miisses_black & Blackforestrider:

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Last Tuesday I went penny boarding in Winterthur with Jeanette and Olga. So I (a skater noob :p) was teaching other noobs. This noob edition shows you that it is totally possible to ride a penny board even if you have never tried to skate before. My ultimate goal is to teach myself how to properly ride a penny board so I can use it during my study year abroad in Malaysia starting summer 2017. Have fun watching.

I travelled to Lyon last weekend to escape from University duties and spent a lovely stay at Philippine’s AirBnB. As promised, here are the pictures of my visit. Lyon is a city in east-central France, located 470 km away from Paris. The locals are called Lyonnais and is France’s third-largest city after Paris and Marseille. To get there, I took a Flixbus from Zurich to Lyon, which took roughly 6 hours to arrive. To return, I stopped in Geneva and took the train back to Winterthur, as it was significantly faster.

Lyon is known for its cuisine and architectural landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was historically an important area for the production and weaving of silk. By the way – The cinematograph was invented in Lyon! It is also known for its famous light festival, called ‘Fête des Lumières’, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.

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Here’s a sketch picturing different communication styles including the main topic discussed during the video: ‘Patterns of Silence in Communication’. This video was done for the module ‘Corporate Culture and Cross-Cultural Management’ at ZHAW during April 2017. In the video you will see a meeting of executives discussing on the marketing actions of the firm called ‘United Cereals’. During the first part of the video, the Mexican (played by me hehe) will keep interrupting the Swiss lady and the Arab guy will not be able to talk, as he is waiting for some silence to raise his voice. During the second part of the movie the participants of the meeting realize that the meeting is not working due to their poor communication. After they have reflected what they might be doing wrong, they apply the required changes to make communication work. Thanks to Melanie, Basil, Michael and John for the great acting! 🙂