Shea’s photo shooting was a success. I invited her to come over for a few portrait pictures. Have a look at the behind the scenes video and watch how funny it is to shoot with Richie. hehe. The pictures are available on my blog as well (link). Thank you Shea for the great time!

Model: Shea Khan –
Music by Chillhop:
1st Track: Trey Gowdy – Tusken | 2nd Track: Breakfast – Monma | 3rd Track: -xpkt – invention_

Shea’s shooting at night was a success! We took some pictures yesterday at my bedroom’s window in Winterthur Switzerland. One Flash with one diffuser was used during the shooting. I used for most of the pictures my 24-70mm lens and for some close-up portraits I changed to my 85mm lens. As the shots were taken at night with a flash in front of the subject, the background became almost purely BLACK. Like my soul. haha.

Shea is 100% Swiss but she has a typical latina attitude. Now, you may wonder why that is, right? She grew up in Costa Rica and moved to Zurich about two years ago to pursue her studies. For the first two pictures, I worked with Adobe Photoshop to enhance Shea’s skin with a technique called frequency separation. Thank you Shea for being such a great model! Have a look at her Instagram: @sheakhan1995

Here are the results of Jeanette’s shooting at the Goldenberg viewpoint in Winterthur, Switzerland. The first two images have some additional edits as they were my favourite shots from that day. I added a bluish vintage tone to the first picture and simply put some more exposure and increased the highlights within the background of the second image.

Jeanette is a full-time student at ZHAW, the same university I’m currently studying at. She grew up in Azmoos, a 1.5 km walk away from Liechtenstein. She is a big lover of wine, haute cuisine and apparently wanted to open an ice cream shop when she was a child. Interesting fact about J: She used to serve in the Swiss military and spent 6 months abroad in Kosovo working on a peace keeping mission for NATO – not something you will be able to hear from a lot of women here in Switzerland, as Military is only compulsory for men. Have a look at her Instagram: @jeanetteclaireanna

Here are some of the pictures I took today with Pekka, an inspiring friend who loves to travel. Have a look at his instagram: @backpekka.

Guess what? Richie is back with another Drone video. This time I recorded some views from the sky of my home town Zürich.

About the city we call Züri

Zürich, Zurich or even ‘Züri’ (Swiss German) is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is located in north-central Switzerland at the northwestern end of the Zürisee (Lake of Zurich) and is a hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. The Airport of Zürich and the SBB railway station are the busiest and largest in the country. The headquarters of Credit Suisse, UBS, Migros, Swiss Re and ABB are located in Zurich.

The video was taken with my DJI Mavic Pro during March and April 2017. Let me know what you think and subscribe to my youtube channel :). Thanks to Whitesand for the awesome soundtrack!

From time to time I enjoy using Photoshop to create some funny artworks. Now, if you look at the picture below, do you notice something wrong with it?

Well, if you haven’t found the error yet, I flipped the eyes and the mouth of Mr. President. When you watch the picture as seen above, your mind plays you a trick. It could also be a glitch in the Matrix. That’s what it looks like when you flip the portrait located on the right 180 degrees:

Don’t believe me? Look at the first picture again and turn your phone or monitor upside down. To achieve this effect, the only thing you need to do is to copy the eyes and the mouth to a new layer and mask the parts of the new layer that you will need to hide. Put your brush’s hardness to 50% to get a smooth transition from your top layer to your bottom layer. If you would like to see how I did it using Photoshop, you may download the .psd file here.

I’m extremely happy to announce that I finally got myself a drone – the DJI Mavic Pro. I couldn’t wait for the delivery so I took the train last Thursday to Zurich to pick it up. Richie hates to wait for delivery. I recorded some footage on Thursday and Friday and uploaded my first drone video on youtube. Here’s the video showing some scenes of Winterthur, Switzerland:

During the recording in the forest, I became extremely nervous as some birds were getting closer to my new baby (haha). But once you change your altitude quickly, they don’t really understand what kind of bird the drone is. No bird can fly like a copter up and down. My tip for you: avoid flying near nests as birds might feel alert and attack your drone. Let me know what you think and subscribe to my youtube channel :).

In photography, a close-up filter (also called close-up lens or macro filter) is similar to a secondary lens attached to your primary lens, to provide a macro effect without requiring a macro lens at all. In other words: A macro filter will allow you to focus from a shorter distance to the subject and thus, create a macro effect on your pictures.

Now, as many of you might already know, buying new professional photography equipment is quite expensive. There is a quick rule you can generally apply when buying lenses: The better the lens, the more you will pay for. If you are not crazy about macro photography but you would like to take macro shots from time to time, I would not recommend investing your money in a lens which is specially designed for macro shots. Instead, you could invest your money in a set of close-up filters. Close-up filters are generally cheaper than purchasing a new lens and give beautiful results.

This article will show you how to work with close-up filters and will provide further details about them and what results you might expect by using them.

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So there you go guys, another video on my youtube channel showing you how I built my mini studio. It’s based on my article I wrote a few weeks ago about how to create your own mini studio. I took most of the footage with my Canon 5D Mark III (EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens) and with a Xiaomi Yi Action cam. The audio was provided by Chillhop. Have fun!

If you enjoyed this video, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel by hitting THIS LINK. And by the way, did you notice? The video is exactly 4:20 minutes long :p

I have the immense pleasure to announce the opening of my youtube channel. My goal is to post talks related to photography and also funny, entertaining and AWESOME stuff. Here’s my first video, showing the ‘behind the scenes’ of Rachel’s last shooting. If required, you can also turn on the subtitles, for a better understanding!

If you enjoyed this video, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel by hitting THIS LINK. Here are my personal five favourites of this shooting:

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