Finally a new self-portrait of Richie 🙂 This picture was edited in Photoshop – It is a rather hyperrealistic edit, as it resembles a super realistic painting rather than a photo. So since my painting sucks, I made it the opposite way. If your painting sucks too, feel free to download the action for Photoshop by clicking on this link. With this preset, you will only have to paint on the mask with black to hide the effect on any part of the image you do not want. You can also put down the opacity to make the effect less visible.

A burger a day keeps the doctor away.

Anyway, I also thought it was time to update you on whatever I have been up to these days. As you probably saw on my Instagram, I got back alive from Myanmar and from Singapore. I had two beautiful trips and was able to take pictures which I really like, meaning Richie got MUY CONTENTO. I would say Myanmar was more interesting as it is so different from any country I have ever been to. Below is a picture of the skyline of Singapore at night. It is a HDR edit of 8 merged pictures with Photomatix pro, and later edited in Photoshop. Feel free to download it here, if you want to use it as your desktop background.

The skyline of Singapore by night.

I haven’t booked my next trip yet, but I am planing on either visiting Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines or Laos. I’ll probably stay here in Malaysia for the next few weeks until new year’s eve. Our apartment in Kuala Lumpur has now a decorated Christmas tree and an Epiphone eletric guitar. Oh yes, I got myself a new guitar! I’m also currently working on my vlog from Myanmar. What else, let me see. Oh yes! I finished all existing episodes of Game of Thrones (DAMN WHAT A FINALE!) and I’m watching now Black Mirror. That’s it for now. Richie out.