Since the beginning of the year, I focused on learning new editing techniques for Photoshop and learned about the art of time lapses / hyper lapses. Besides my constant e-learning (which was by the way not related to uni stuff :p), I started working on surreal edits, in which I intended to add a dreamy and inception-y touch. For this, I mirrored and rotated images I had taken from the skyline of Singapore & Kuala Lumpur and used Photoshop to add further layers of dreaminess.

For one specific edit, I used the KL Tower (Menara KL) to create a surreal edit / composite / collage / WHATEVERYOUWANNACALLIT of the tower, that no longer looks like a tower, but rather resembles an alien space ship. Here you go with a preview of how the KL Tower became the final image further below:

The Photoshop process of the edit of the KL Tower.

As you see in the upper video, it includes several layers of images of the sky and contrast correction. I had a lot of fun while doing it, so I will keep creating these compositions in the future.

The end result of the edit of the KL Tower.

Now, let’s take a look at the mirrored image I created of the Singaporean skyline. For this edit, I mirrored the skyline, corrected the color contrast and finally added a vintage and dark analog look to it. I don’t know about you, but I get a Gotham City feeling when looking at this image. Here’s the result:

Mirrored Gotham City, aka Singapore.

There are a few other edits on my Instagram, check them out. To finish this article, I would like to share with you another before and after of a night shot of the KL Tower, which was taken without a tripod from Helipad earlier this month. Gonna print this as a poster some day. Richie out.

Before and after of another edit of the KL Tower.