Hurray! I finally made it back to Switzerland after 9 months staying abroad! Guess what? It was only a short trip and I’m already on my way back to in Malaysia. This time I had the chance to visit and photograph one of my best friends’ wedding (Instagram: @tamaratiziana). It was the first wedding of a close friend that I attended and it will definitely not be the last one. Here’s a preview of the wedding shoot we did together.


Besides the wedding, I also spent time with family and met up with friends. I had a lovely dinner with my ex roomies in Winterthur and I also found time to attend two shootings. I must say I felt weird to be back in Zurich after so many months staying abroad. But yeah. I am definitely getting used to living abroad. I miss public transport being on time and the cheese – oh god, Swiss cheese is just too good – but I living in Switzerland has also its cons, such as … such as … okay, never mind.

The first picture below shows Vivienne (Instagram: @la.vie2016) at the main train station of Zurich and the second one is a close up portrait of Stella (Instagram: @stellagerster).


I am heading to Vietnam on Friday, pictures will follow on my Instagram. Hasta luego!